47365 1st Street, Westfir, OR 97492


Dawn Hendrix, Inn Keeper

Born as an Air Force to parents, Jerry and Linda, Dawn grew up traveling the US. Her father was a B52 pilot, who spent his summers in the fire towers of Montana. Mom was a homemaker, artist and children’s librarian with a masters degree. Dawn spent most of her time in the outdoors, including many camping trips with her family. She enjoys fishing, hunting, swimming, boating, skiing (water and snow), river rafting, kayaking, snowshoeing, star gazing and birding. Mountain biking is a “new” sport to her, although in her younger years, she enjoyed BMX biking in California and riding dirt bikes in the mud and woods of Louisiana. After losing her parents, Dawn spent some time traveling the US and other parts of the world. In 2013, she settled in San Francisco after accepting her “dream” nursing position at UCSF. After only 18 months, she grew tired of Big city life. After a trip across the US on Route 66 Dawn thought it would be a “fun” idea of having a small mom and pop inn. While playing on the Internet, she found the Westfir Lodge, or rather the Westfir Lodge found her. From the first time She walked through the doors, Dawn knew she was home.


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